Old Fashioned Beef Stew

old fashioned beef stew

The hardest part about making this wonderful old fashioned beef stew is waiting for it to cook because preparation is just so quick and easy. That being said this is a great recipe and because I know how much my large sons love it I inevitably double up on everything and make a huge pot that so there is plenty of leftovers. I actually think it tastes better the next day too! On another note I have been growing my own herbs this summer and they are excellent substitutions for the dried herbs used in this recipe. The fresh herbs go well with the wine and even if you are not a drinker of wine make sure you buy something decent for a recipe like this as you cannot beat the lovely rich aroma it produces. The end result is fantastic and I am positive you will make this stew more than once. Don’t be lazy and get your bread cooker out and make some fresh bread to serve it with.

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