General Tso’s Chicken Recipe

General Tso’s Chicken is a restaurant favorite based on a traditional Chinese recipe and is really popular not only in restaurants across the country but in our homes too.

The recipe is quite easy to follow and should serve 4 adults easily. Have all your ingredients ready and portioned out before you begin because once you start cooking things move relatively quickly. For maximum flavor add some of the garlic in with your chicken not just the marinade. In regard to the chilies leave them whole if you like a mild heat and chop them finely if you like your meals hot.  

As everyone these days is cooking on a budget be sure to visit your local Asian grocery store where you will pick up all your ingredients cheaper than any regular supermarket. I have never had anyone talk bad about this dish and if you like Chinese food you are going to love it.

Recipe For General Tso's Chicken
General Tso’s Chicken


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