Classic Chili Con Carne

classic chili con carne

This classic chili con carne is a simple and tasty dish and you will probably already have everything in the pantry ready to go. The recipe makes plenty so use if you do have leftovers you can make another meal the next night with tortilla wraps and a nice salad. For a even richer flavor try adding some cumin and letting it cook slowly in your slow cooker for about 90 minutes.  Add more kidney beans to increase the vegetable content. For toppings you can serve with a choice of pickled jalapeno chillies, some light sour cream or plain green yoghurt for the diet conscious, fresh coriander leaves and grated light tasty cheese. Do not forget my favorite which is a nice, preferably home made, crusty rye bread.  A fantastic meal for the budget conscious family.

Serve chilli with toppings.

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